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I bought a phone pouch for my daughter because I've been concerned for a while about her exposure to mobile radiation, since she carries her phone with her at all times. She had been complaining for a long time, of mysterious headaches, and an aching hip (on the side where she carries her bag containing the phone!) - and I'm delighted to say that since she has been using the pouch the headaches and aching pains have all cleared up! She's very impressed with the product, and so am I - I would definitely recommend this to anyone using a mobile, it obviously provides a very high level of protection and I'm very glad we made the purchase.  

By Jane Delaford Taylor (Artist)

Agnetha's remedy protection bags are great, and the mobile phone ones work well. You can feel the difference!! 

By Marianne Thatcher

When I use my mobile phone without the anti-radiation sleeve, I feel heat and pain in  my hand and in my head. When I use the protective sleeve, I don't feel the heat  or any pain at all. Thank you Agnetha, for providing such a wonderful protective product!  Janie

Since surgery on my head 6 years ago it's been impossible to hold any type of mobile phone to my ear without feeling excruciating pain. Since using Agnetha's handy phone pouch I can hold the phone to my ear for around 20 minutes before I begin to feel anything. The fabric doesn't affect the sound quality, you can hear them and they can hear you perfectly fine. It's a product well worth the investment as sometimes you just can't use loudspeaker! My husband now feels much more comfortable on the odd occasion where he has to place his mobile in his pocket too. I would definitely recommend and have done many times to friends and family.

By Sarah Miles